What things can you do with an 8 yard skip.


Skips are generally large containers that are delivered to a construction site by a company, and are used to contain large amounts of waste and provide an easy transport option for said waste. The material in the skip is usually taken away to a landfill, or recycled if possible. They are very durable and tough, which allows for practically any material to be held by a skip – metal, brick, carpet etc. The most common size skip that you can hire is the 8 yard skip, though they come in many different sizes to suit your needs. The basic purpose of an 8 yard skip is to contain and then transport waste – but in what circumstance would you require one?


8 yard skip

A home clean-out


Whether it?s a simple spring clean or a de-cluttering of a long-forgotten attic or loft, cleaning out your home of old waste and rubbish can become a very hefty job. People often underestimate just how much waste will be produced by a clean out. Not only does an 8 yard skip eliminate the need for hundreds of bin bags, it also means that should you need to dispose of larger items, such as mattresses, wardrobes or doors, there won?t be a problem – just toss it in the 8 yard skip and watch it be taken away, hassle-free. It is important to note that you shouldn?t overfill your skip – when transporting the waste away, this can cause health and safety concerns for others on the road.


A building project


If your house has seen better days, or you?ve been wanting an extension put on your home for years, an 8 yard skip might be just the thing should you decide to begin building work. Whether it?s an extension, a new kitchen or a new bathroom, your old units and fitting need to go somewhere. Instead of leaving all of your old appliances and waste in your garden, or making back-and-forth trips to the tip, why not hire an 8 yard skip? It means that the waste disposal is in close proximity to the project, and precious time is not wasted driving to a far away tip, saving those hours for your building work to be completed quicker. An 8 yard skip is the best solution for keeping your waste tidy and safe until it comes to disposing of it.


Garden overhauls


8 yard skips are not simply reserved for old doors and mattresses – sometimes the best way to take care of any garden waste is to use a skip, especially in the event of a big garden overhaul. Using a skip means that you avoid damage to your bins, as big stones and large branches could potentially split the plastic. It also means that you can fit much more in – so, even if you decide to get rid of that huge tree that has been blocking your sunlight the past few summers, it won?t take much chopping for it to be disposed of!


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