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How to maximise space when hiring skips?

Skip Hire can be very useful for storage of unwanted items, waste or debris during a clear-out or construction project – but it is possible to underestimate the amount of space that you will need in your skip! Many find that space swiftly runs out during a project – it is always recommended that you estimate the amount of waste as closely as possible. If you find yourself running out of space, here are some useful tips on how to maximise the usage of your skip hire:

Organise your items by weight

A handy trick when you?re short of space is putting the lighter items into your skip first – this way, when you go in later with your heavier items, the items with less weight and strength will be compressed underneath, offering an additional amount of space above.

It might seem strange at first, as you?ll be used to putting heavier items on the bottom, as is the norm – but organising the contents of your skip this way will ensure you make the most of your space.

Larger items should be at the bottom

This might seem strange considering the previous tip – but if you can find light, larger items to place on the floor of your skip, it means that smaller items will be able to fill any gaps left between the large pieces, which will provide you with more space up top.

It?s obviously an added bonus if your larger items are your light items so that they can be compressed – a win-win!

Break up larger pieces

Sometimes it?s possible to break up larger items so that they fit more conveniently in your skip – if this is a possibility, then it can help to maximise the space. The item will then take up less space and will slot into smaller places easily.

Choose the right size

Choosing the right size skip is the best way to begin, then you can avoid all the hassle of running out of room! Make sure you estimate the amount of waste your project will produce and choose a size accordingly.

This will save you time and money in the long run, as you won’t have to keep loading and unloading. A skip too large may not fit in it?s allocated a place, so choose wisely.

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